The Future of the Workplace: Drive Collaboration and Employee Engagement

COVID-19 revolutionized how people work. The shift to the anywhere, anytime workplace enabled a more flexible and productive workforce. A recent World Economic Forum survey shows 68% of employees prefer hybrid work while 28% prefer to work remotely full-time. In fact, 68% of high-revenue growth companies have already enabled the productivity anywhere workforce.

As organizations increasingly adopt operational flexibility, increasing team collaboration and secure data access across multiple devices becomes critical. Advanced collaboration and communication tools are fundamental not only to ensuring improved team collaboration but also enhancing company culture, process efficiency, and customer experience.

Essential to success, is a well-designed modern workplace solution that empowers employees with 24×7 data access seamlessly and securely. Microsoft 365 (M365), with intrinsic capabilities such as unified endpoint management and security, improves employee productivity and experience. At the same time, M365 SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams enable anywhere, anytime data access. This robust, secure collaboration across locations and platforms enables companies and employees to thrive.

How CCS Modern Workplace Solution Can Help Optimize M365 Advantage and Boost Overall Productivity

Implementing M365 is a good start, but it’s not enough. While M365 provides a solid foundation to build a modern workplace, an organization’s success largely hinges on the ability to customize the platform based on their digital transformational goals. Each organization is unique, but still needs a certain level of functionality with quick, predictable outcomes. Ready to deploy M365 solutions accelerate user adoption and ensure seamless onboarding and data security. What you don’t want to do is over license the products and features.

With decades of experience and expertise implementing Microsoft platform-based solutions, CCS Modern Workplace solution creates a unified workspace, enabling end-to-end automation and intelligence by leveraging the M365 features, frameworks, and extension capabilities. Our certified specialists give you the confidence you need with M365 by taking care of everything from project planning and assessment, to enablement and migration. This allows you to fast-track your modern workplace journey.
Here are five ways CCS Workplace Solution helps organizations modernize the workplace while ensuring seamless employee connectivity:

  • Collaborate Effectively: By centralizing data and internal applications on a single platform such as a pre-built Project Digital Workspace & Collaboration Portal, you empower employees to share work, improve collaboration, and fast-track delivery. Our transmittal solution lets employees easily share and track documents related to customers, sub-contractors, or other external stakeholders while maintaining transparent customer communication and building trust. All modern workplace apps can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Teams. This creates a central collaboration hub for employees to send notifications, interact, and work efficiently.
  • Easily Access, Share, and Store Content: Storing and organizing documents in CCS’s prebuilt Document Management System (DMS) enables companies to fast-track document search, saving time and improving efficiency. Companies also increase employee engagement and trust by leveraging our collaboration portal to share critical information, procedures and policies.
  • Automate repetitive tasks: Enable employees to spend more time on value-added activities by automating repetitive tasks using Power Automate. Streamline operations by automating IT asset management, transmittal and ticketing systems.
  • Build Intelligence: Bring in the power of advanced search and metadata extraction with Azure AI – Cognitive Services and AI Builder to provide intelligent recommendations or solutions.
  • Enhance Security: Employees can publish documents or projects on CCS Modern Workplace with strict access control to ensure data security and safety. Our preset security policies along with M365 security stack, multi-factor authentication, and customized configuration provide data security and mitigate potential cyber-attacks.
  • Partnering with Experts: Key to Accelerating Modern Workplace Adoption

    If you are a Microsoft 365 user, you’re already on your way to modernizing the workplace through user friendly, secure collaboration, desktop productivity solutions, and anytime and anywhere secure data access. You can maximize your investment by partnering with the experts at CCS. We extend and integrate your M365 platform with existing IT infrastructure, while building customized apps for end-to-end process automation and digitization. We deliver a proven modern workplace solution that can be customized to your company’s business needs.

    With CCS Modern Workplace, there are no additional licenses or recurring costs. The need for third party applications like DMS, Support-Desk Ticketing System, Contract Management, IT-asset management are eliminated, helping our clients realize a faster ROI and a lower total cost of ownership.

    To know more about how can CCS help you achieve your modern workplace goals, please contact us here We’d love to hear from you.