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Accelerate your digital transformation (DX) initiatives by adopting RPA tools, DevSecOps methodologies and Test Automation suites tailored to suit your specific requirements; keep the focus on your business efficiency and ROI with automation

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CCS Automation Services

Workflow Automation

Automate customer, employee & vendor workflows

Process Automation

Use RPA (robotic process automation) to inject intelligence

IT Automation

Using automation at various phases of IT delivery & operations

Helping Global Clients with Automation & Digital Transformation

Tools & Technologies

Workflow Automation
Process Automation
IT Automation

"Automation is rarely considered a possible solution by business leaders for improving their bottom line. In reality, adopting the right automation solution can accelerate business growth by lowering costs, reducing inefficiencies, and increasing security across their business processes. Skilled technologists can help high-potential companies with the right automation solutions, thereby allowing them to focus on their growth at a lean operational cost.”

- Shyamkrishnan Balachandran, Head of Technology, CCS Technologies



Build resilience into business workflows with scalable automated processes


Improve productivity & go beyond efficiency with automation investments


Upgrade your application portfolio with a digital pulse & power your DX efforts

Ensure that your business employs automation to minimize the mundane and maximize the ROI

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