SAP ABAP Development for a Leading Media Organization to Handle Sponsorships

About Client

The client is a well-established media organization with over 40 publications both in digital and print. Their newspaper particularly has a massive readership (about 20 million copies).

Business Requirement

The client had some of their premium magazines/other publications distributed to educational and charitable institutions courtesy of sponsors. They needed a customized system to digitize their interactions with sponsors, beneficiary organizations/institutes, and delivery agents.

As an organization that runs on SAP ERP, the client needed an SAP submodule to take care of everything from accepting sponsorship amounts to sharing receipts with sponsors, notifying delivery agents to dispatch publication copies to the beneficiaries till they run out of the sponsored amount, alerting agents of holidays and other non-working days and sharing monthly invoices with delivery agents.

CCS Solution

CCS built a customized system in SAP-IS Media called Institution Sales to meet the client’s requirements.

Options built in the receipt system would allow sponsors to pay the client by cash, cheque, bank transfer, etc., and route the amount to the advance account.

A centralized screen allows the client to allocate sponsorships to various beneficiary institutions. Delivery agents closest to the institution get automatically prompted.

Define holidays and non-working days to avoid unsuccessful deliveries and other hassles.

The client can specify custom discount rates for each institution.

The system notifies the delivery agents to start and stop the dispatch of copies. As copies get dispatched, the corresponding amount gets deducted from the client. The system will automatically stop the delivery if the sponsored amount is exhausted.

The client can stop deliveries to specific institutions and allocate the remaining amount to another existing or new institution.

The system generates monthly invoices for the delivered copies, and the delivery agent fees get added to their monthly bills. Monthly revenue will be accounted for by the system automatically.

Business Benefits

Reduced manual effort of the client’s staff.

Easily manage holidays and/or hold requests at the sales unit level or independently.

System-generated intimations keep sponsors informed of the sales and field agents informed of the delivery progress for proper field management.

Timely intimations keep beneficiaries happy as it avoids accidental deliveries on holidays and non-working days. This also benefited the client as it prevented the wastage of copies printed for holidays.

Given the submission of timely receipts and monthly invoices, sponsors were able to claim tax-related benefits.

The institution sales system developed by the SAP Engineers at CCS simplified monitoring of the sales through sponsorship. The client observed an increase in the volume of business. A few months in, after implementing the system, their daily newspaper subscriptions shot up from 10000 to 150000.