SAP Business One – On premise implementation, Multilocation

About Client

Leading home appliances distributor and retailer. Partner for all the leading appliances brands in India with multiple branches.

Challenges & Opportunities

Poor inventory control over multi-locations

Complex financial reports

Schemes & Price management

Duplication of efforts and manual errors

Exchange of items

Business Requirement

Visibility of Inventory over multi-locations

Accurate financial reports

Unified solution

Easy order processing

Price management based on available schemes

CCS Solution

Built-in industry best practices

Real-time MIS Reports

Better control over Inventory

Fully integrated system

Clear Roadmap

Complete integrated solution

Integration with PoS application

Business Benefits

Reduced Supply chain Issues

Reduction of total stock by 30%

Just-In-Time basis Fulfillment of orders

Supporting changing needs

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth

Statutory and MIS reports