Mobile Application for Regional Calendar

About Client

India’s leading Media and Publisher Organization, owning the biggest selling native language
daily newspaper (with a circulation base of more than 2.5 million) and 40 other publications.

Business Requirement

Given technical snags, the client wanted to upgrade the app and revamp the architecture. The
issues in performance and usability needed fixing. App functionalities needed to be updated.
They wanted to optimize memory usage for offline support and database management. Unicode support was required to display content in Malayalam. Event organizers and notifications needed integration.

Key features

Features suggested by the client include: –

A free version with ads and a paid version without ads had to be created.

A force-update feature which would necessitate the user to update the app.

A weather report section with the ability to select location was required.

CCS Solution

CCS proposed a multi-layered architectural approach for the mobile application using an MVC
pattern to allow efficient data management. The solution consists of an Android app and an iOS

Solution Specifications

The app worked offline.

Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS development.

Data was rendered from a locally saved SQLite database.

SQLite was used as the database in both OSs.

Developed a database compatible with each platform.

User-friendly navigation to view either monthly or weekly options.

Predefined settings like images and ads in the free version of the calendar app.

Both versions had an organizer module, in which the user could create events and could set reminders.

Business Benefits

Expansion of user-base by 150,000+ downloads.

Increase in revenue by about 30% through sponsored ads.

Improvement over last version in terms of performance by 30%.