IoT Integration Project – Leverage Sensors to Maintain Shipment Integrity

About Client

The client is an ERP partner based in USA who wanted to develop an IoT solution for the shipment and logistics industry that would use sensors to capture real-time information and issue alerts for goods in transit. This data would be seamlessly merged with the ERP’s shipment data.

Business Requirement

The client’s requirement was to get the below challenges addressed: –

Manufacturers and logistics partners do not have visibility or the ability to monitor their shipment during transit which could lead to costly damages especially in perishable and high-value goods.

There is zero visibility to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, tilt value, shock and geospatial location.

Real time shipment information is critical especially when shipping perishables, goods that require uninterrupted refrigeration or high-value equipment that is sensitive to vibration or shock.

Setting tolerance limits and monitoring this on a real-time basis will allow the shipping provider to take corrective actions that can prevent damages to these goods.

CCS Solution

CCS designed and developed a solution that captures sensor data from each shipment, standardizes, consolidates and maintains it in a cloud database and pushes this data to the client’s ERP.

The sensor data contains the values for GPS Location, Temperature, Humidity, Tilt, Shock and Roll.

The data from the sensors are sent to the cloud based on user-defined parameters.

Maximum and minimum thresholds can be set for each parameter and if a threshold is hit, an alert is sent.

The system is designed to be user friendly and users can define the timing of the alerts or add / edit parameters and measurements with ease.

By analyzing the data, the solution alerts the users of a distressed shipment allowing them to take prompt action. The system also maintains a complete history of events and allows a replay of the any particular shipment.

Leverages the power of HANA, analytics, geospatial and SAP.

Business Benefits

Real-time visibility of shipments enables partner to take immediate measures to reduce damage or implement correction action for future shipments.

Allows shipper to give real-time updates on current location and accurate delivery dates.

Allows better cooperation with client and logistics vendor to increase efficiency in shipments.

Increase in level of automated collection and processing of data.