Email Migration to Cloud – Microsoft 365

About Client

The Client is a 4-decade old Consumer Durables company and manufacturers of Asia’s first home carbonation systems (Sodamakers). In addition to this, the client also manufactures and markets a range of eco-friendly hydration products such as copper bottles, thermo-steel bottles, glass bottles and BPA-free PET bottles.

Business Requirement

Client was facing frequent power failure due to unstable weather conditions. This was impacting their hardware and maintenance work resulted in frequent and long downtimes.

To avoid frequent hardware failures, Client had to switch off Email, AD, File Sharing Server every time they experienced severe weather conditions.

Client was using a network shared drive for Intranet Document Management.

Information security policies was not adhered while using E-mail and File sharing.

To add to this, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the State into a lockdown and the Client had to move to a 100% ‘work from home’ mode.

When working from home, employees had difficulties in accessing documents on the network shared server that was on-premises.

There was also a concern of data security, as there was no secured connection to access official and confidential document remotely.

Client was in need of robust and secure solutions with zero downtime for E-mail access and document management.

CCS Solution

As the Client’s IT services partner, CCS understood the frequent IT Infrastructure challenges that the client faced and recommended a revamp presenting three different options:

    a. Microsoft 365

    b. On-Premise Production server and Cloud based DR

    c. Cloud based SaaS & IaaS and DR at another region.

Client chose Microsoft 365 considering the overall usage and operational expenditure.

Email and Document management system requirement was solved with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

Entire implementation was delivered in phase by phase manner with automated data migrations to cloud.

Business Benefits

Complete Cloud based solution.

Zero-downtime and work from anywhere solution which was specifically useful during the COVID-19 related lockdown and moving to a ‘work from home’ scenario.

Financially backed SLA from Microsoft.

Enhanced information rights and access management.

Advanced anti-malware and anti-spam feature in-built.

Efficient and structured document management system.