Database Management – MS SQL

About Client

Client is a Norwegian company that specializes in digital business systems, business analytics, and consulting services. Client’s main product is a custom-built SharePoint SaaS solution and is used by over 100 customers across the Globe.

Business Requirement

MS SQL is the default Database for SharePoint farms. Over the years, data volumes have significantly grown and the way the client managed and used the data has changed.

The Client was struggling to manage and monitor the database infrastructure.

Securing their customer’s sensitive and confidential data from being breached was another concern.

Client did not have any recovery strategy to restore and recover data in the event of a disaster.

CCS Solution

CCS recommended and implemented MS SQL database with proper backup and recovery plans and supported in daily business operations.

Since the volume and data traffic was high, CCS implemented SSD Striped disks for higher throughput and performance.

Higher quality of service results from having no single point of failure, a robust security infrastructure, and centralized, policy-driven management.

CCS hardened the SQL ports, fine-tuned user permissions and implemented daily and weekly backup schedules.

MS SQL administration support by monitoring and managing services and any other administrator-defined services, tracking end-to-end performance and performing root cause analysis of problems encountered.

Business Benefits

Database management for SharePoint server farm handling large volume of data.

Implemented Service Improvements to hardware & Operating systems for better performance of databases.

Monitoring the daily business data growth helped end customer satisfaction.

CCS support team provides round the clock expertise in various recovery strategies to bring back the database system as part of Business continuity.