Cloud Migration – Domains & Websites Migration to AWS

About Client

The client is a USA-based start-up that approached CCS to develop a strategy-based American football gaming app (web)

Business Requirement

The client wanted to consolidate the DNS Record Management and Providers.

They wanted to consolidate the web hosting to a single platform.

The security of all websites needed improvement.

Ease of manageability and administration.

Scalability requirements to accommodate future growth and security improvements.

They wanted a cost-effective solution in AWS.

CCS Solution

CCS Team carried out expert analyses of the business requirement and the traffic of all websites.

AWS Deployment met the client’s security needs at low cost.

Made use of the scalability and elasticity of AWS Platform.

Right-sized and provisioned the optimal resources based on current usage pattern.

Effectively made use of open-source services to meet the client’s requirements.

EC2 Instances were considered for Web and DB Servers.

AWS Lambda for Automation of the AMI backups, websites automation tasks and triggers.

Route 53 is used for the DNS management.

Provided end-to-end cloud infra monitoring using CloudWatch.

Business Benefits

Achieved faster and secure access across all geo locations.

Improved websites load time and response time.

Significantly increased performance.

Provided the client with greater control and flexibility.

Seamless DNS and Website migration with no major issues.

Incorporated automated Backup and cloud DR without additional charges.

Made it possible for the client to easily scale up/scale down as per business needs.