Cloud Hosting – Infor ERP on AWS

About Client

The client is one of the largest producers of spice extracts, essential oils, and natural food colours in the world. With a product portfolio ranging from oleoresins, essential oils, natural food colours, specialty extracts, micro-encapsulated products, whole and ground sterilised spices, they supply more than 500 products to over 80 countries worldwide.

Business Requirement

The client had to make a huge investment in hardware and networking for an on-premises deployment.

Huge Capex in licensing Windows Servers and MSSQL Servers would be involved.

They lacked efficient backup storage options and data retention was unorganized.

They wanted to minimize network-related and connectivity issues.

In case of any major disasters/hardware outages, the recovery of the whole system could span days.

Ease of manageability and administration.

Scalability requirements to accommodate future growth and security improvements.

Automated offsite Backup of on-premises File Server.

CCS Solution

Analysed the business requirement and application behaviour before recommending AWS Cloud.

Ensured that the infra met compliance and security needs at low cost.

Right sized and provisioned the optimal resources by following Infor ERP best practices.

Effectively made use of open-source VPN solution to minimize cost.

Automation of the AMI backup and Instance level scheduling using AWS Lambda.

Automation of DB Backups and Configuration Files to S3 Bucket.

Proper Network Isolation and Security Group configuration.

End-to-end monitoring of the Cloud Infra using CloudWatch and Zabbix.

EC2 In Windows for Active Directory, ADFS, Enterprise CA, Infor ERP Servers and MSSQL DB.

Secure access to environment over VPN and Host level Antivirus Deployment having Ransomware Protection capability.

Daily Offsite Backup of Windows File Server with versioning to S3 at very minimum cost.

Business Benefits

Faster and secure access using VPN across different geo locations.

Zero investment in hardware and its maintenance.

Incorporated zero touch Backup and DR solution without additional charges to the client.

Automated VM Start/Stop of DEV and STG environment to save cost.

Made it possible for the client to easily scale up/scale down as per business needs.

Mitigated connectivity issues and reduced administrative overhead.

Capability to perform non-disruptive testing and upgrades.