Protect your data, mitigate risks & ensure the availability of mission-critical applications

With the severe adoption of digital and cloud-based services, increasing cyber threats, and growing stakeholder-customer demands, businesses are expected to be resilient and delivering relentlessly. Our cloud security experts ensure the safety of your mission- and business-critical applications by assessing your business needs, planning your RPOs and RTOs, and developing your security strategy. We apply industry best practices to protect and optimize your infrastructure and applications.

How can CCS help you?

CCS’s contingency specialists can help you prepare, react and recover from cyber-threats. We provide you the digital assurance you need to perform in an ever-changing and cyber-crime-infested business environment.

Protect your data; protect your business

CCS security experts offer continuous, end-to-end data protection, backup in a secure environment, and disaster recovery support. Our managed backup services ensure that you maximize your storage and data protection investments. Moreover, our advisory team helps you ensure application availability amidst outages. We build resilience into your business processes, help upkeep your services, and reputation round the clock and among demanding customers.

Why Consult CCS for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services?

Get your organization a cloud security services provider that continually replicates critical business applications, infrastructure, systems, and data to the cloud and understands technology through-and-through both in terms of hardware and software. CCS security specialists support you in integrating relevant controls, orchestrating workload deployment, replicating data to the cloud, and building effective threat management. Our cloud security experts develop your cloud security strategy after assessing your resources and business needs.

Our process

CCS helps leading healthcare organization to overcome a series of ransomware attacks in 2020

CCS security team recovered the business processes of a leading healthcare organization that was attacked by ransomware in December last year. Despite facing newer challenges throughout the recovery phase, we had all systems up and running immediately.

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BCDR services for all types of businesses

BCDR services for MSPs

Protect your data and reputation with industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

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BCDR services for Enterprises

Protect your business and secure your critical data with bespoke backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery services.

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“80% of executives fully expect that their disaster recovery plans can run their business in the aftermath of a disruption, but only 22% include all mission-critical applications in their DR program.”

- Forbes
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