Taking forward the glorious

lineage of 35 years.

CCS Technologies has taken a step forward to become a bigger and
a better version of itself.


Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Our logo has been completely revamped and resembles a rubik’s cube. There is an interesting story behind it. Just the way the cube offers a million possibilities to play around with, and make different formations, at CCS Technlogies, we look forward to leveraging multiple opportunities.

Solving a cube has a lot to do with creativity. We believe in “out of the box” thinking to deliver exceptional results. Not to forget, the multiple dimensions that need coordination, which in our case is symbolic to our customers, employees and values.

Connect: Connect with customers at multiple levels – along the lines of a partnership, rather than a standard customer vendor working model to add true value
Collaborate: Working relationship in a truly collaborative engagement model to ensure that objectives and outcomes are perfectly aligned with business and market needs
Create: Think out of the box and come up with creative solutions that make a difference and help customers create unique value in their marketplace


This major transition will not only help us evolve, it will also help foster a fresh culture in our organization. We have made sure that we stick to our fundamentals:


Working with integrity
respect and joy


Promoting individual
excellence and team work in
a collaborative environment


Honoring commitments to
customers, employees,
colleagues at all times.

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