SAP Business One


Integrated business automation software designed to help growing companies streamline processes and achieve business growth.

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use business management solution designed for growing small to medium businesses as well as subsidiaries of large enterprises.

SAP solutions ensure that organizations run efficiently and can make data driven decisions in real time. At CCS, we enable clients to significantly enhance the value that they realize from their transformation and organization programs. These solutions are developed with the specific requirements and complexities of each business environment. It’s agile to implement and simple to use; and authorized users are provided with a true and unified view of your entire operation.


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Why SAP Business One







Why Work with CCS


SAP Business One Implementation

CCS has deep expertise as an SAP Partner in deploying SAP Business One solutions for clients to rapidly and easily create a platform to help scale their business. We understand that our clients compete in a market that changes at the speed of light and where time to market is critical to their success. Our focus on clients’ needs, along with our ability to get great customer results quickly, is unmatched. SAP Business One is a simple and complete business management software solution designed specifically for the special needs of small and midsize companies who are looking to scale their growth. At CCS, we know how to make it work specifically for you.


Support & Maintenance

To maximize efficiency and reduce the total cost of IT ownership, it is essential to keep your SAP Business One application up-to-date and the business processes it enables running smoothly and effectively. Support and maintenance services for SAP Business One provide technical innovation and content to protect and support your IT landscape along with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. Your investment in the SAP Business One application has helped you establish a software foundation that can support long-term profitability and success. Engaging with CCS to provide ongoing maintenance and support services is one of the best ways to realize the full value of this investment.



We recommend that you always run the latest version of Business One. At most, never allow your Business One application to be more than two versions old. It’s an easy decision to skip upgrades, especially when you may not see any compelling new feature you require. However, there are several reasons to stay current. Most important being, irregular upgrades will require far more changes to be made resulting in higher costs to you.

We recommend all our clients to be on an annual maintenance contract, which entitles you to free upgrades and thereby benefit from the millions of dollars SAP is continuously investing to build the latest features and technologies.

Other reasons to stay current include

  • Up-to-date technology
  • Legal changes and compliance
  • Reactive & proactive problem resolution

Integration with third party applications

SAP Business One is one of the best backend ERP systems for SMEs, this application provides developers with a wide range of options, to integrate with other applications. Using SAP Business One, you can create a streamlined operating platform with new capabilities that are tailored specifically to your business. This can be done by integrating the SAP Business One application with other applications from multiple third party vendors.



Different companies require different functionalities. To manage this, at CCS, we develop customer specific add-ons, which meet the guidelines of SAP, using the SAP software development kit (SDK). Add-ons will help improve the functionalities of your business activities, ranging from production, distribution, service, project management, quality management and human capital management.

Our Success Factors

CCS has deep expertise of over 50 installations of SAP B1. We have worked with a range of clients from different industries and have been able to successfully enable them to integrate their processes and create true efficiency. In the spirit of partnership, CCS continues to support all of these clients with regular maintenance, upgrades and additional customization, where required.

Home Appliances Company, India

Achieved 95 % Inventory Control after SAP Business One implementation. It helped to optimize our resource utilization, increase visibility across operations, standardize business processes and improve our ability to serve customer needs. It is helping us in our growth.


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