CCS Technologies will design a mobile strategy or app, integrate it into your systems, train your staff and help you reap stellar results. We offer mobility solutions across a range of devices that include Mobiles, Tablets, Apple Watch, Android Wear & Amazon Echo and across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows using both, native apps as well as cross-platform technologies such as PhoneGap and Xamarin.


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Mobile Strategy Consulting


Mobile Analytics


Cross Platform Development


Integration with Enterprise Back End / Payment Gateway


Mobile Application Maintenance


Mobile Strategy Consulting

Helping your employees to be productive and creating value is a bigger strategic decision than just “mobilizing your ERP system”. A true mobile strategy involves a company-wide shift in thinking about technology and how it affects your business, employees and customer interactions on a day-to-day basis. While some innovative companies have begun efforts to embrace the growth in mobility, others are slowly but surely waking up to the growing impact and opportunity mobile is having on businesses. At CCS, we work with businesses to create and enable mobile strategies driven by a clear vision that involves rethinking business models, reinventing organizations and rewiring processes to stay ahead of competition.

Native Mobile Application
Development and Maintenance

Building a skyscraper starts with a strong foundation and detailed plans. We help businesses leverage the potential of technology by architecting solutions that can scale, so your app ecosystem grows with your business. Our experts are able to develop the best native mobile applications and ensure their maintenance. At CCS, we develop native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Our engineers have perfected the art of building intuitive, user experience driven and high quality native mobile apps though years of experience. Our solutions help clients increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, streamline processes and more.


Integration with other services

We offer performance driven, reliable, robust and hassle-free mobile application integration services. Our team helps you integrate mobile applications with any enterprise database, back-end systems or other applications. Our mobile application integration services help organizations achieve true enterprise mobility in an easy and hassle-free manner.


SAP Mobility Integration

Mobile devices are now more powerful and functional than ever before and has increasingly become essential to businesses. Enterprise mobility presents employees to work from anywhere and this opportunity has driven the widespread adoption of mobility within enterprises. We work with SAP customers to extend enterprise resource planning beyond the four walls of the organization. Individual users and user groups require access to different data and systems, often depending on their job function and mobile platform. CCS Technologies works with customers to truly enable enterprise mobile device management for SAP in a unified and seamless manner to effectively handle this diversity at work.

hamish ultra tune
Director of Operations Ultra Tune

The fully integrated roadside assistance solution allows our customers to get quick and easy access to vehicle breakdown assistance and any travel related amenities to make their road travel comfortable and hassle-free. CCS Technologies has been a valuable partner in helping us get this app to the market on schedule and as per our requirements, enabling us to further enhance our customer’s experience with UltraTune.


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